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Company: Shenzhen OMK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD Tel: 0086-755-83222882 E-mail: ivy@szomk.com.cn

ADD: 616 Room, Building 505, Shangbu Industry, Hangtian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
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Factory Introduction


SHENZHEN OMK ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD founded in 2008, currently employs 100 people, the factory area of 1,000 square meters, is China's largest plastic sealed enclosure, aluminum waterproof junction box, plastic waterproof junction box, industrial chassis and instruments one instrument chassis manufacturer. Existing nineteen series, nearly one thousand varieties, the annual manufacturing plastic molds and aluminum die casting 500 sets 
   The company's largest aluminum die-casting machine 600 tons, the largest injection molding machine 6300 g, the largest 100 tons stamping machines, machining centers, the largest processing area of 1000 * 500, 40 sets of various processing equipment, production capacity will reach 500,000USD, the company has improved the quality assurance system, processing quality to meet international medium level, welcome customers to cooperate or OEM.
Address:616 Room, 505 Building, Shangbu industry, Hangtian road, Futian district,
                Shenzhen, China