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Micro sea before the bank website online

Ric 2014-12-29 09:15:39
In all needed to complete the industrial and commercial registration and obtain business licenses and permits, shenzhen sea before China's first privately owned bank, the bank website online yesterday.Because the business is still in testing, micro sea before the bank was not related to financial services online, also not announced specific opening time.
"Connection", a former sea micro bank home page slogan, given its large shareholders of tencent technology background, it's not hard to guess the letter and micro social relations will be a sea before the Banks do business in the future an important platform and resources.Have analysis, according to former sea micro positioning on the target customer is to make good use of the Internet bank of the grass-roots people, in addition, the former sea micro Banks started to pay more attention to mobile terminal from launch, the future of the business operation is expected to also is give priority to with mobile terminal, PC may only play a role for mobile side diversion