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Candid Yao Beina remains

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-01-22
At that time I took a big SLR camera, a look is the media reporter, how candid? We do not need to shoot the body remains, no shot this picture may appear in newspapers and on our website, which is a common sense. In Shenzhen, the media reporters to enter the hospital morgue or what operating room to shoot it, shoot the body during surgery or donate solemn funeral scene, which is not a rare thing, in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Evening News is not a do over. Such shooting both domestic and international. Because we usually shoot bow doctor, farewell, flowers lens. The first one is the first in Shenzhen, the country donated corneas were unpaid - to Chunmei, and many remains of donors, we are so taken. Tribute to the deceased doctor picture release glorious dead humanity, promote social positive energy. Over the years this practice affects a lot of people added to the donation of human organs. Shenzhen's first eye bank was established, and the introduction of China's first transplant organ donation regulations, the results are public service who, donors and many media effort. If you know the importance of donated corneas would not doubt I should not at the scene, I suspect that the conduct of shooting. I am also a photographer with years of experience.