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First Politburo internal learning

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-01-26
January 23, the Politburo held since 2015 to open the first time the Politburo collective learning. Xi Jinping emphasized several points: all work from the Chinese reality, recognize China's current development situation; strengthen awareness of the issue, problem-oriented, practical problem solving China; Institute of dialectical thinking, objective grasp of the law; adhere to the practice of the first to promote the practice based on the theory of innovation. Several Politburo collective learning, mostly focused on the economy, involving cultural, social, political, military and other topics, but special meetings to study philosophy, not much, the last time was December 3, 2013, the collective learning is "historical materialism." A historical materialism, the solution of social values and history of the problem, the problem is how to look at things and development. The dialectical materialism, it is to solve the problem of world outlook and methodology. Methodology of Marxist dialectics. One is known, is a line, the next step is for collective action to unify thinking, marching. So the first collective learning in the New Year, to talk about philosophical issues, is still very interesting. In the eyes of many, the problem is not that the philosophy of the virtual first Pakistani Brain, air to air missiles it? So many study philosophy at university friends, each asked to professional, are hesitantly. In fact, there was nothing shy of philosophy is the idea of solving the problem. But his big contribution to the philosophy that proposed "philosopher king" concept, plainly, is to make the rulers become philosophers. Of course, this ideal is very far away, in general, will be thinking of is often a lack of mobility, like t-island, every code word, are too lazy to go downstairs to buy food. This ideal of Plato Aristotle inherited his students, but also a scholar Aristotle, wrote a pile of books, but also did not become a leader. So, let's philosophy "tame power" has become an important tradition of Western political science inside. In China, we have fond memories of Confucius, but also want to be "imperial division." Emperor was later realized, "deposed 100, Confucianism," so some of the behavior and ethics of Confucianism has been affected until now. 
Philosophy looks virtual first Pakistani Brain, but if close to power, it will have a very big impact. Therefore, the foundation emphasizes thinking, the CCP has been an important historical experience. This is the reason why there are so many inner-theoretical study. From the CCP's history, philosophy often become an important turning point in the history of mental preparation.