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Net worth of 200 billion yuan over Ma

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-01-28
Hina film soared 10.36 percent, to close at 3.73 yuan, the total market capitalization of $ 155.293 billion Hong Kong dollars, Jun Li River shares accounted for more than 90%. Plus Hina hydroelectric assets and other real estate and energy assets worth at least Jun Li River to raise about 200 billion yuan. Re-board the throne of China's richest man. While Alibaba's market value up to $ 260 billion, but because of Ma only 7.8% of total shares in Alibaba and another piece of unlisted assets "ant gold dress" in personal assets lost to Ma Jun Li River. 2014 Forbes China rich list, Jun Li River is ranked fifth in the net assets of $ 13 billion. 2013 National Audit Office's announcement, pointing out that the existence of the scale and capacity building overstatement phenomenon Guangdong Hina 10 MW photovoltaic solar power projects unit, Hina Group's Huangtian Hydropower nowhere claims caused by villagers still pending; its hundreds million net worth has been questioned may contain moisture.
All this does not hinder the River Lee in the stock market kicked Ma Jun has become China's richest man coming. For the "richest" seats, Jun Li River is not new. Jun Li River with a net worth of 87 billion yuan in the first ascent "2014" New Fortune "500 richest people," known in recent years, the rich standings biggest "dark horse."