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China into the world's largest foreign investment

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-01-31
2014 China became the world's largest foreign investment destination. The development trend of global foreign investment from developed economies are developing economies shift. Data Conference showed sluggish consumer demand, currency volatility and geopolitical instability, the global scale of foreign investment in 2014, down 8%, while in 2014 foreign investment in China continued to maintain steady growth, becoming the world's largest foreign investment destination, the United States has is the world's largest country to attract foreign investment. Last year, foreign investment in China has become the world's first two main reasons, one is the steady growth of China since the inflow of foreign capital, foreign investment appears to flow from a structural change in manufacturing services, so foreign to enhance the quality and quantity. UNCTAD's analysis, in 2014 China, mainly in the service sector growth in foreign investment has accounted for 56% of the total, investment in the manufacturing sector dropped to 36%. At present, China's size and economic trends, the growth of foreign investment is absolutely necessary, with the adjustment of China's economic structure and mode of development, the future of China has attracted more foreign investment over the United States, although at that time the second half of the United States to regain first position, it has heralded the global pattern of foreign direct investment will changed dramatically, developing economies attractive to global capital are greatly increased. Fee weak demand limiting economic growth, financial market volatility and geopolitical instability and other factors restricting investment, expects global foreign direct investment does not appear significant growth.