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How to found suitable enclosure for your pcba board at SZOMK

Emily 2022-07-01 21:31:42
SZOMK enclosures are used in various industries and fields, namely as an IOT network enclosure, Sensor enclosure, Embedded PC case, Instrument enclosure,
Industrial control box, Junction box, Distribution box, Audio amplifier chassis, and so on.
Choose from a wide range of around 2000 items, and with no purchase quantity requirements, you can simply purchase from 1 piece onwards!

Firstly , it is need to know how many series box we have

S- Standard
N- No Standard
W-Wall Mounting
H- Handheld
D-Desk top
NW- Net Working
DR- Din Rail
R- Card Reader
P - PLC Enclosure
Led - Led Drive
AW- Die Casting
Iron Box
AM -signal amplifier housing

Now,lets to see what the main key features each series. 

S means standard
Here are all square, rectangular, rectangular enclosures
* CLOSE THE BOX. There are two ways to fix the shell, one is to fix it with screws, the other is to fix it by squeezing air
* PCB HOLDERS There are usually PCB posts in the shell, which can be used to fix the PCB
* OEM Service The holes that exist on this cannot be removed, or can only be removed by changing the mold
Can do custom processing, drilling, silk screen, stickers, color change, etc.

N means No -standard
There are a lot of oddly designed cases here, different shapes, with holes, etc. If the shape of the product you want is strange, you can find the shell you need in this series

W means Wall mounting. It can be hung. There are two types of wall-mounted enclosures, one is on both ends of the enclosure, with small ears, which can be clearly seen after hanging.
There is also a design on the back of the case that can be hung. This is more interesting, because the hanging part of the shell is hidden. Does not affect the aesthetics

H means Handheld. The shells of this series are all for hand-holding, and there are many colors and a sense of design. In the part holding the shell, there will be soft glue, and there are many shells in this series. With LCD display, and AA AAA battery box, you can choose more.
If you want your own case to look better, you can find it here. Generally used for controllers, equipment controllers, etc.

D means DESK TOP is a shell placed on the desktop, this series of shells are generally used for medical equipment and so on.

NW means NET WORKING, which is mostly used in the Internet of Things, NB, LORA, transmission protocols, and places related to networks, gateways, intelligence, data collection, etc. This kind of shell can be hung up, and the appearance design is more beautiful.

DR means DIN RAIL is a guide bar, a guide rail type shell. For this type of shell, the use environment of some products requires the material to be flame retardant, which is UL-94 of V0 V1 V2 5VA. We can change the material. This kind of product is generally used in connection with electric box switches. If the product is used in Europe, please contact the sales staff to get the 2D drawing and measure it so as not to conform to the size of the European distribution cabinet.

R means card reader. The card reader series is also the shell of the access control series, the shell of the monitoring, security, and emergency alarm devices. It can do fingerprint punching, RFID card reading, access control, etc., and even include current face recognition and biometrics. You can find the shell you want in this series.

P means PLC DIN RAIL enclosure, similar to the guide rail DR series

LED holes means led drive holes . mostly be used for LED related box

AW is for metal box , the material is aluminum. the processing is die casting . so we called it is die casting box. it is IP65 waterproof . if you want box be outside , and also waterproof .If your product is used in harsh environments, such as mines, underground, damp, and corrosion-resistant, you can use this type of housing

Iron case means the material is iron .Do oil spray treatment on the surface of the product to isolate oxygen and moisture in the air. These products can be used together with equipment, and some can be used in battery casings, which have enough space inside.

* Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-static

Metal housing, IP 65

signal transmitter housing

IP68 Waterproof Enclosures 

* High Waterproof Rate  

* PC material . strong enough 

 Waterproof IP65 Hinged Enclosures