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No specially trained volunteers team Obama security is temporary driver

Ric 2014-12-26 18:31:24
President barack Obama has to fly to San Francisco fundraising activities, a plane, the team is at 80 miles (128 kilometers) per hour drive from the airport to the hotel.And as part of the driver is by volunteers in the team, these are not specially trained temporary driver asked experts to knead to cold sweat.

Obama in large teams, the front is black bulletproof car driving agents, all of these drivers with hundreds of hours of high-speed driving training, finally anchors is constantly flashing lights of police cars, and whether the President go to where the secret service of the ambulance.

Caught in the middle of the number of vans, filled with the White House staff and journalists, graduate student Natalie - tyson, 24, is one of the cars temporary driver.Mood excited she set foot on the accelerator, nearly hit a car in front, she busy braked, touch your nose and said: "I'm sorry."

Because this kind of driver is compulsory, so request is not high, as long as there is usually a driver's license, do not have a criminal record, and at the White House have know.

A week before Mr Obama to San Francisco, tyson work in the White House's childhood friend calls, asked her if she interested in as the President's motorcade driver, let her feel a little abrupt.

Some experts think that this kind of practice safe, not only because they may be in a car accident, but also because they between the President's car and an ambulance, possible obstacles, the delay of emergency response action;Tyson said secret service agents did not tell her, one thousand high-speed to how to deal with emergency