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Xi jinping, fully recognized 372 submarines Through successful escape a great danger

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2014-12-25
CPC central committee general secretary and state President and central military commission President xi jinping has made important instructions, 372 for navy submarine officers and soldiers group affirmed his advanced deeds.According to this important indicator spirit, the central propaganda department, the general political department, the communist youth league central 24 at the great hall of the people held a joint navy submarine officers and soldiers group of advanced deeds report 372.
Member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee, vice chairman of the central military commission Fan Changlong in the report before the meeting to meet with members of the BaoGaoTuan, on behalf of the acquisition and the central military commission chairman, said to all the comrades, to 372 submarine officers and soldiers BaoGaoTuan sincere greetings.
Fan Changlong pointed out that the chairman xi's important instructions, both praise and care to 372 submarine officers and soldiers group army goal is also to in-depth implementation of the military, and constantly improve the ability to fulfill the mission of expectations and great trust.372 submarine experience successful escape, a great danger to overcome various difficulties, job well done by the high command, good group and perfect style.Army goal they are leading the army building have sprung up in the great practice of advanced typical, is the comprehensive embody the new model of a new generation of military image