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On January 14, 2015 enterprise Internet transition peak BBS held in hangzhou

Ric 2014-12-29 09:23:33
In traditional adult supplies brand durex has started to develop the APP and use the Internet marketing products, and get all the fans a rush today;In all walks of life are spell to force than word of mouth today, do you feel the time is being upset?!
Look to the market, every industry leader, is the pioneer in Internet transformation.Big to 14 years of alibaba, little to the side of the road can sweep yards pay drinks vending machine manufacturer, various industries have been gaining momentum, all want to share a small piece of this big cake on the Internet.With the fierce market competition, you whether there is anxiety that enterprise can't find the road sign?I don't know in the Internet age on how to transform?Die not transformation, the transformation is afraid of death?Enterprises in the future the way how to go?The traditional marketing advantage have no?The product is more and more not good sell?Older executives, traditional thought, it is difficult to accept the new thinking?
You need to know: there is no successful enterprises, only in the era of enterprise!
You also need to know: your has nothing to do with you, is eliminated by age!
You need to know: enterprise transformation must breakthrough, a breakthrough must be upset in the past, subversion must upset other people, and subversion herself must first be subversive