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2014 Annual Report: Internet Medical Five Trends

Ric 2014-12-30 17:41:03
Digital Health famous American venture accelerator Startup Health released the 2014 annual global digital business investment and financing of health reports. According to figures of medical statistics entrepreneurial venture capital disclosures 2014 reached $ 6.5 billion for the year, an increase of 125% compared to 2013. Startup Health Status for 2014 and 2015 to do some future trends summary, arterial network compiled summarized as follows.

Five noteworthy trends

Health care reform continue to stimulate innovation: because of changes in the incentive structure and a new penalty policy took effect in 2015, health care providers and payers can expect entrepreneurs to come up with effective solutions. From the following three aspects received the largest amount of private funding in 2014, that is big data / analysis ($ 1.5 billion), the public health of the population (1.1 billion US dollars) and navigate the health care system ($ 975 million).

Chronic disease and accelerated aging of the population leads to increased consumption: rising costs continue to be a catalyst for the second-largest healthcare innovation. Patients are encouraged not only by mobile technology to manage their own health, but also through preventive measures such technology, they can achieve this goal. 2014, consumer health company raised $ 880 million in 2014.

Clinical decision support and personalized medicine gaining traction: With the advent of $ 1,000 genome, truly personalized medicine has become possible. This year, the company raised the genome of $ 632 million, the diagnosis is a $ 962 million company. The above data together with clinical research to raise the $ 624 million, will revolutionize the treatment of disease.

Clinical settings on the integration: mobile and wireless technology not only has penetrated into our daily lives, is also true in the professional clinical setting. Allowing doctors to focus on treatment, rather than waste time on administrative tasks practice management tools to raise the $ 783 million, and tools that focus on improving the workflow is able to raise 681 million. Payer related toolkits to raise $ 699 million.

Innovation Globalization: StartUp website from the data point of view, more than 7500 start-up companies around the world are committed to the development of new digital