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2014 annual top 10 art event

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2014-12-25
After 42 mainstream media editor of the vote, President and other senior culture media, 2014 annual "top ten art event" to stand out, respectively is: "the work just post appraisal rights disputes", "wang zhongjun 377 million yuan filmed a van gogh masterpiece", "liu bought the most expensive in the history of thangka", "national treasure food dish party homecoming", "art micro letter auction to test the waters", "Chinese art master zhu dequn's death", "kusama promoting contemporary art in Shanghai boom", "ai weiwei UCCA move-in triggered heated debate", "HIHEY by many artists to prosecute", "430 million" 2014 annual national art fund amount.
In March 2014, the end of the Shanghai institute of contemporary arts kusama "I have a dream" large-scale exhibition, easy accumulation attracted 300000 visitors visit, ticket sales amounted to 15 million yuan, became the most successful art gallery exhibition revenue in 2014 cases.After that the west bank of art and design exhibition, Shanghai art fair relay ART021 etc, further emphasized the internationalization and marketization of Shanghai landscape of contemporary art.
In May 2014, ai weiwei UCCA move-in triggered heated debate, HIHEY by many artists, art scene is controversial and the disadvantages of imperfect market has never stop.At the same time, the Chinese art market is showing a diversified situation: in November 2014, the 2014 annual national art fund project review report released, eventually selected 394 projects funded, fund total amount about 430 million yuan.And micro letter auction at the beginning of 2014, and is becoming a new type of other art trading patterns, the official funding and private exploration becomes different aspects of the development of diversified market.
In June 2014, after nearly a century of national treasure land that dish food finally home, on both sides of the collector and wenbo experts for cultural relics backflow on China and the United States, the thick naked touching.
In October 2014, the state from the macroscopic policy puts forward a new direction to the development of art, culture and requirements.Xi jinping, general secretary of hosting a work of literature and art symposium in Beijing and delivered an important speech: "the Chinese excellent traditional culture is the spirit of the Chinese nation, should combine the new era inheritance and carry forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture, heritage and carry forward the spirit of the Chinese aesthetics."In November 2014, DaSong kiln as a brand of Chinese traditional culture among the APEC APEC official gifts, become a model of traditional cultural fusion of contemporary design.
In November 2014, liu for hk $348 million under the most expensive in the history of the Ming dynasty yongle thangka, thus win the title of excellent art circle "capricious";While he was in New York City in 2013 a huge sum of money to buy sushi's work just stick, academic disputes until late 2014.In addition, wang zhongjun photographed van gogh masterpiece spent 377 million yuan, art of film and television majors complex and strength at the same time art circle and entertainment headlines.
It is understood that in order to development of Chinese art and industry every year to analyze effectively combing with dynamic, commercial art magazine launched since 2012 annual "top ten art events" media poll.At the end of 2014 the third "annual 10 art event" campaign, linkage, 42 mainstream media in the event of an alternative art provided by the organizing committee, by the media's President, several senior culture media, such as the director, lead people to vote, in accordance with the votes and named "2014 annual top 10 art event"