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Russia mysterious deaths

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-01
In recent years, Russia has several dignitaries and VIPs died mysteriously. Some of them fall in the market to earn, rich; some may be hand in the political sphere conspiracy rain clouds; and take all the black and white mode. But wealth and power to make some of them do not always ring, and death.
November 2009, Russia and Israel have dual Thai businessman big Hengsha von Kamal Norwich in central Moscow, unidentified gunmen shot and killed.
Moscow police said at least two gunmen driving a silver "Lada" car home near Malta Kamal Dirk automatic rifle to a black Mercedes car after more than 20 guns launch escape. Norwich Kamal was killed on the spot, his driver was seriously injured. The driver then tried to arrest the attackers, the final result abandoned morality. Novo?abran monastery near where the famous 16th-century building when he left the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) in office only a few hundred meters.