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Hong Kong's re-launched anti-parallel militant groups

Ric 2015-03-02 09:47:09
After 15 people armed groups Tuen Mun and Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Mainland residents protest February 8; parallel; in curbing provocative mainland tourists affected zone, March 1, launched the so-called radical groups and; recycling garden ; action, Yuen nuisance tenants. And some social groups in Hong Kong in the act expressed great indignation, strict law enforcement.
1 pm, millions long called; parallel; 3, with respect to its conflict behavior residents. Police stressed that control of the situation, will not tolerate any violence or destruction of public order law, any person, police enforcement of determination.
February 28; a joint group leaders in all sectors of the element of life; dingzhuang; RMB against violence; a news conference on the demonstrators, for any reason, accusations and provocative, disturbing social order, strong violence endangering public safety.
They asked the police to strictly enforce the law, and sent 100 people to follow the protesters and photography team of legal, protesters stormed the store when the trouble to collect evidence of their civil action.
Yuen Long District Council, the Legislative Council DAB Beam Hong pointed out that the President called; mysterious action would not comment, but in; parallel; name, called the surrounding shops, users Yuen Yuen Long, blocking roads, paralysis, fear of conflict Sha Tin and Tuen Mun, Yuen Long.
A Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Yuen said cystatin branch chairman Yuan Huang, approximately 1000 companies, most companies are worried about damage.
Many local residents also believe that the so-called yuan; recycled garden; influence actions of their lives. Long Ping Station 1 pm, someone shouted slogans against action.
Miss Lee said, a man, not a militant organization of parallel events, but mainland tourists, Hong Kong's economy.
In Yuen Long, Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Security, said Lee, a series of parallel government has taken many measures to solve the problem. If someone wants to comment, of course, can be carried out in accordance with the law, but in any illegal activities, especially on some of the violence, the police can not be tolerated, law enforcement will be decisive.
Latest news shows, as of Monday night, a total of 33 demonstrators were arrested, police arrested without further excluded.