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Xi stressed that economic development

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-06
Daily all media platforms Xi Jinping March 5 (Reporter Du Shangze) delegation to Shanghai to attend deliberations, Yang Xiong, the first to speak, the theme is to accelerate the construction of global influence, innovation and technology center. When it comes to environmental protection, Xi Jinping special attention. "Air quality can account for how much?", "70%" Someone echoed:. "Sometimes depending on the weather." Laughing, Xi Jinping's words: "!. There's nothing not to rely on the wind ah."
Discuss personnel policies: even if you release some of the local hand
Shift personnel policy, Xi said, talent is the basis of innovation, talent-driven innovation in nature. Select superior world, use it to achieve a more active policy to introduce innovative talents. "Personnel policies should free up some hands, gathered a group of industry, science and technology and the ability to stand on a global vision leading edge talent."