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30 Chinese Women Entrepreneurs

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-09
After the Chinese women want to track ancient glorious image, mountains and rivers and plains vegetation Pangu era incarnation, manufacturing has fallen the task of the goddess's body, which means that there is no goddess naturally not compelling. Chinese goddess of the dawn of legend and even its importance even more than Pangu, because the whole world is not that she does not get angry. Striking similarities between "made man", the legend, the West and the East, they also have a man on the eve of that in addition to the legendary Western woman is the seventh rib made man, a woman is a man's legendary West vassal.
God is the God of creation Many Western women, even though there is no lack of later Christian image of the Virgin, the faithful to pray now singing "哈利路亚海." Women's history is no foreign forces, but they still exist after. World culture in ancient history and mythology are the same, but in the eyes of history archaeologists, some time is a matriarchal society, the highest authority of each clan are women, the presence of women has been the creation and modification time.

"Women hold up half the sky," the modern version, and Wu Tang support the entire day at a time, although only a few years of martial arts, "Kaiyuan spirit" is concerned, Wu Bangguo, chairman of the "golden years of heritage," the. Song to the Qing Dynasty's feet become wonderful aesthetic development "lotus feet" type of woman to man endured the pain for thousands of feet, sacrifice and dedication is indescribable. Although there is nothing, but for men and women, which seems to make the "red crown and root of anger" to change history. "Feat."