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Alipay red war

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-02-12
We can not wait to Alipay red envelope came. From a rule (February 11) to the first day (February 19), together with the issuance of commercial users about 600 million yuan, the red envelope, more than 156 million yuan in cash, shopping envelopes about 4.3 million. Seemingly so much sincerity, in exchange for the eye or complain? Tucao instant circle of friends and grumbling maxed. A friend directly in my circle of friends, admits: Paypal, you prepare public relations crisis it?
Alipay red envelopes this year, the most significant feature is diverse, including cash envelopes, funny than red, Solitaire red, red group, face to face and discuss the red envelopes of six games are played. Friends can give red envelopes, you can also discuss the red envelope to a friend, select one or more group discussion to a friend or friends, can also comes with no more than 24 characters in one message, there is the system default interesting news, you can also edit their own, etc. . A special feature such as red face, red hair party choices ranging from 10-100 yuan red envelope amount, received a red envelope needs to play "pick red envelope" of the game, did not receive a red envelope red envelopes will be returned to the account; tease than red adoption the "red envelope guess" whether the amount of red hair is the number one party received a red envelope will see three different amounts of red, received a red envelope need to choose the right amount of red, guess you can put on the opponent's red envelopes full amount away, wrong as it can only take half. Spring is the time for everyone and more abundant. A young and happy family immersed in gatherings and activities.