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Obama authorized the use of force for the IS

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-02-13
Obama said, "Islamic state" stability in the Middle East and the United States national security, including Iraq, Syria may have caused the death of four American hostages. If we allow the "Islamic State" tissue growth outside the United States and the Middle East would pose a threat.
He said that the US military "Islamic state" system attacks, despite President Obama as "Islamic state" provides a legal authorization to operate, but he expects the Congress to approve a new mandate on this issue to the parties and the people of the United States "American."
According to the draft submitted to the White House, Congress, the use of force is a three-year period, regardless of frontiers range. Obama stressed that the so-called "three years" is not against the "Islamic state" to set a timetable for action, but this means that the next Congress needs to re-start his presidency, "check" this authorization.
The draft does not authorize the US military, ground offensive combat operations, "lasting", but not "so-called long-term means" special explanation. US media generally believe that the White House said the fuzziness of action designed to give Obama more flexibility, while maximizing win bipartisan support.