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With dialogue and cooperation to relieve stress

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-02-09
Overall what today's world is in what state? Answer this question, you need to have a clear grasp of the history of law

Late last year, the British "Financial Times" columnist Philip Stephens wrote in a review of the current international situation when so few words: In the 20th century, half of multilateralism mode is more like a historical episode segment, but does not represent the international relations permanently change the nature of globalization has been in retreat ...... Kant as Hobbes gave way to start, but multilateralism will have to give way to great power politics ......

In the international order, this issue is more like a goodness of Kant who think mankind will eventually achieve "permanent peace" and Hobbes representatives are all enemies of each other "original state." With "Kant as Hobbes way" to predict the evolution of the current international situation, reflecting the weakened heart of some European people a sense of security. Similar mentality in recent Munich Security Conference once again released.

Munich Security Conference this core issue is the collapse of the international order, the situation in Ukraine to focus on the crisis and its impact on European security order brings, and the Middle East continues to deteriorate. By the end of January, the Munich Security Conference for the first time released "Munich Security Report", the report has also been designated as the theme of "order collapse, reluctant protector."

After the Cold War, some people in Western countries in the psychological sense of superiority was quite excited state. However, the international relations problem after another, especially recently, the issue of whether it is the intensification of the Ukraine, or "Charly, Cher Week" was the grim situation on terror attacks exposed the thorny problem concentrated in the West and even the interior door, indeed, the West into trouble and anxiety. Chairman of the Munich Security Conference Ischinger recently in an interview Figuratively speaking, the current international situation faced by so many, "the UN Security Council one week to resolve a crisis in order to really care to get through."

However, it follows the conclusions of the international order has collapsed, neither realistic nor beneficial to resolve regional issues. Diffuse tensions in the West less of dialectical thinking. For example, the Munich security conference, it was also the situation in East Asia "deep concern", but exaggerated bearish tone contrasted with the reality, but seems out of place. East Asia region is currently regarded as the world's most dynamic and promising.

Overall what today's world is in what state? Answer this question, you need to have a clear grasp of the laws of history. Today, although the evolution of the international situation is full of complexity, but a multipolar world forward momentum has not changed. While international conflicts and struggles often very sharp, but the theme of the times of peace and development has not changed. Despite the international order will exist for a long battle, but the direction of change in the international system has not changed. Look at this trend, the international situation will have full sight of the judge's sober and guidance.

Rise in the overall strength of the developing countries to provide a profound democratization of international relations and power, but also to solve many international issues provides a unique wisdom and strength. The Munich Security Conference, the representative of China once again explain the common, comprehensive, cooperative, sustainable security concept, arguing that national security go hand in hand a new road. In the discussion on the issue of Ukraine and counter-terrorism issues, China's objective dialectical thinking is not only practical recommendations for further intensification of control problems, but also to tackle the problem of deep thinking.

Currently, given the conflicting parties to deal with the international tension again improved, more emphasis on dialogue and cooperation is particularly important. The reason is simple, once the tension into a simple aggressive intervention will only cause more trouble in this world.