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China appears 100 Internet1

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-17
Venture tide particularly hot, long before Prime Minister Lee called on the public business, the whole Beijing cafe waiter and consumers have felt everywhere in discussing what kind of products do and how to cheat VC money, participants from BAT executives to poor students can not find work and so forth. Correspondingly, the investment line of business is also very hot, fast read comics and Anne Willow foot onto the AppStore yesterday, just remember all the full list first, and today the company's door had been broken foot Investment Managers various agencies a, TS received mercy.

The atmosphere around the corner of a lot of infected people, but also to many began to worry, this is not another one of the Internet bubble? Since last year, the capital market too much fire, even the king Zhangsanlisi project simply does not optimistic we are to get the angel investment, especially strange is that most of them also have come to the A round. Early in the project financing of this abnormal number / size / ratio of so many people began to cry wolf, the most worried about the spread of power also comes from the primary market: last September to focus early investment partner of Matrix Partners Zhang Ying they voted to send an open letter to the company CEO, said the bubble could burst at any time, where it is now the heat is bound to turn cold; entrepreneurs last week issued a eCapital CEO Ran Wang's warning, in 2014 to get the A round of financing The company has more than 800, to get the B round has more than 200, 90% of entrepreneurs may need to face the "C round of death" could; yesterday's major technology media began to turn crazy "greedy shrouded in Silicon Valley: the market value of 10 $ one hundred million will die this year a group of "a text, the biggest names in venture capital Bill Gerry believes that in today's business and investment environment, many of the new technology company with no experience or record business operations, many companies will end in failure.