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2015 the first year of the electric car

Ric 2015-03-16 09:59:48
During the two sessions to discuss new energy vehicles once again become a hot topic of representatives. Charges to discuss this issue, which is "heat." Draft of the National Energy Commission to develop the "electric vehicle charging infrastructure plan," a reference to the charge pile 2020 will reach 4.5 million, in Shanghai, the new energy policy adjustment car license, charging pile card must be installed in order to freedom; in Beijing, public charging infrastructure pile also vigorously promote efforts to achieve a public network service charges radius of five kilometers before the end of 2015 in six of the inner ring.
14 years of the end of November, the four departments of the Ministry of Finance website development, "in the new energy vehicle charging facilities reward notice" to promote the use of the model number and infrastructure to meet the standards and other new energy vehicles to promote the application conditions, the central the government will allocate funds to encourage charging facilities. Range of new energy vehicles subsidies to expand their charging infrastructure, will be another major advantage for the promotion of new energy vehicles on the road.