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Lenovo to completely change their

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-28
Yang said in his speech, is now an Internet + era, the user in the event of changes in the forms of all walks of life are changing. For such enterprises association, many have been the traditional means and methods of operation, and now Lenovo needs rapid and thorough transformation.
"From a product-centric company to a user-centric business transformation, the transition from selling products to business customers, and this is our new mission." Yang said that in such a change, the association to the product and business model the realization of complete transformation.
Yang believes that the association be transformed into a user-centric company. "Various Internet may seem complicated, but it's like a tree, and then flourish, deep-rooted, and only one root, a thread that user ...... from a product-centric company, to user- centric companies shift business customers to shift from selling products, which is Lenovo's new mission. "
Yang also told staff, change not just lip service, but to every team efforts. In specific operations, Lenovo Group in addition to focus on their own online sales channels outside the interaction with the user is also Yang repeatedly stressed.
Yang repeatedly mentioned in his speech yesterday, "social media" and even showed off his "private photos" on micro-Bo Yang also constantly prove to Lenovo employees transformation of a middle-aged uncle, and he wanted to lead the transformation of the association determination.
Swearing at the scene yesterday, Yang Yuanqing Lenovo managers requested more employees in social media "opened its doors" for Lenovo product endorsements, to interact with the user.