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Marketing is invalid

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-17
In 2005 and 2006, when, in the forum to write a soft article marketing is done once implanted in a very easy thing. Because, at that time, the forum atmosphere is quite simple, many companies have not yet realized the value of the forum is much word of mouth marketing. And to 07,08 years, more and more water military invasion to the forum, webmasters and moderators hard with "Water Army" doing the fight, but in doing business, driven by strong demand for social marketing, vest a lot of bulk in the forum appear some automatic posting software is developed. Thus, the forum posted more and more spam advertising, forums ecology is destroyed, the people began to flee, the forum began to decline. 

Then, in August 2009, became the first open Sina microblogging service portal, which opened microblogging social marketing-oriented era. Microblogging almost repeated the fading old forum, a large number of corporate and government microblogging settled, a lot of marketing account in the interests of drivers are batch manufactured on Taobao is the emergence of a large number of micro-Bo powder and increase Forwarding comment businesses, thousands of zombie accounts were created marketing software company. Just a month long, many users will not worry when 10 fans spend 10 dollars on Taobao will be able to direct up 10,000 zombie powder. In Sina Weibo strong push power and support, more and more enterprises into account microblogging, and social marketing as a mainstream position, a lot of good morning and good night Jack enterprise product news, through special microblogging daily operations staff continued to be manufactured, and regularly pushed to their fans. Microblogging start by businesses, media, government, marketing, account completely occupied, microblogging ecology has been destroyed, people began to flee.