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Xi Jinping accepted nine new ambassadors

Ric 2015-04-16 09:49:58
CCTV network news (News Network): President Xi Jinping April 14 to accept the nine new ambassadors presented his credentials in the Great Hall. They are: Ambassador Namengdewei Malawi, Africa Ambassador Mba Zuoe, Tonga Ambassador Wu Tae map, British Ambassador Wu Cabernet, Thai Ambassador ti music Kun, South Africa Ambassador Msimang, Kazakhstan Ambassador Nuleishefu, ROK Ambassador Kim Jang-soo, Antigua and Barbuda Ambassador Stuart - Yang.

Xi Jinping, China welcomes foreign envoys took office, asking them to convey the cordial greetings and good wishes to all the leaders and people of the countries concerned. Xi said China is willing to continue to strengthen pragmatic cooperation with friendly countries, and work together to safeguard world peace and promoting world prosperity. Chinese government will provide all the diplomatic envoys to perform their duties to facilitate and support, I hope that the envoys with the countries concerned to promote the development of bilateral relations between China and promote the friendship between China and the peoples concerned to make a positive contribution.

Foreign envoys conveyed their state leaders Xi Jinping cordial greetings, wishing prosperity of China and play an increasingly important role in international affairs. The envoys said China's development is an important opportunity for the world, countries have attached great importance to relations with China and appreciates and supports China launched the "vicinity of the way" and Asian infrastructure investment banking initiatives. Diplomats say, can at this time honored mission to China, will enhance their national efforts with the friendship and cooperation with China.