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Challenge Alipay

Ric 2015-02-20 19:43:29
New Year's Eve, micro-letter shake become hot, a lot of bad-mouthing Ali Tencent optimistic point of view, even "Tencent Ali sent to the last century" ... "10:30 micro-letter shake total number of 7.2 billion times, peak 810 million times per minute, sending red envelopes 120 million micro-channel "," just two days time micro-channel binding personal bank card 200 million, eight-year dry Alipay thing. "

Such an analysis, and early in 2014 to evaluate the micro-channel, like red, a bit exaggerated. First, conversion rates and user behavior 200 million cards habit formation is the problem, the lack of data to support operations, and will not produce more realistic value; the second is Alipay aspects of the data is not bad: Alipay wallet interface is also poke peak reached 883 200 000 beats / min.

The Greek word that this is just the beginning of a scene era of competition, while far from a close call. Competition is the future of the mobile Internet scene understanding and construction, expansion and operation and transformation capabilities.