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Red Marketing

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-02-15
Micro-channel red hot in 2014 Chinese New Year is called Ma "Pearl Harbor raid," and the lack of social relationships chain Alipay though Shazei determined, but during the 2014 Chinese New Year red envelopes in addition to relying on share dealings, almost aphasia.

One year later, Ali brought wind listing, gearing up to deal with the challenges envelopes, trotted out a variety of red play. However, within eight hours micro-channel cut off Alipay red sharing interface, a move blocked the payment within the micro-channel treasure envelopes natural transmission chain, resulting in Alipay red envelopes Share rely on micro-channel group record numbers, and then quit the micro-channel open Alipay input grab red envelopes.

Alipay red envelope design of this product is not so complicated, but playing in a micro-channel system, can only rely on photo sharing passwords red this complex pattern play.

Red micro-channel design, see red, click into the grab red, click again appeared amount, according to the psychological one go, in line with people's expectations; and see Alipay red micro letter, first remember the seven-digit password introduction of micro-channel open Paypal, find red dot into the password, and then enter the password, not only tap the screen at least a dozen times in different locations, but also forced to remember the password number.

PayPal product manager is not willing to make such a product design against humanity, but the side of the couch of micro-channel can we allow others snoring sleep in this business environment, it would not have its own army constantly bullied.

Fortunately Ali ahead of the layout in the social field, investment second only to micro-channel microblogging social product, as well as nascent unfamiliar street. Facts have proved that social relationships chain microblogging almost Alipay red envelope can rely on the backbone.

In January 2014, launched Weibo microblogging pay with Paypal as the underlying support, to build the payment system, and the introduction of this year's event to make envelopes, giving users a new experience. # # Let fly a red envelope on the line since there are 140 million people participated in the looting red, the average daily number of red envelopes to grab more than 10 million, the number has more than micro-channel red peak last year, ten days before the user to grab the red value of over 170 million yuan, 15 million red envelopes of cash. Microblogging and Alipay during the Spring Festival promises to be issued one billion yuan red envelope, New Year's Eve four hours to send 100 million yuan in cash envelopes.

With last year's red gameplay is different, this year's red square platform and businesses are given real money. 2014 Chinese New Year red envelopes, mainly between issuing each user, while in 2015 and microblogging micro-channel has a number of enterprises to participate, the time point platform detonated official envelopes set a national topic, in particular in a few minutes the whole Chinese Internet users desperately poke the screen.