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SZOMK will participate in 2018 Hongkong Electronics Fair
Release on2018-09-05SZOMK will participate in 2018 Hongkong Electronics Fair which will start from Oct. 1...Read More
National Day Holiday Notice
Release on2021-09-30Dear old and new customers:   National Day is coming, our company and factory will only accept orders and not deliver goods from October 1 to Octob...Read More
A guide to choosing the right material for plastic injection molding
Release on2021-06-25Plastic injection molding is rapidly replacing traditional manufacturing methods as the preferred production method for B2B and original equipment man...Read More
Why use thermoplastic instead of metal
Release on2021-06-25The global market is changing constantly. Companies striving to stay at the forefront of the industry need to be flexible and able to react quickly to...Read More
SZOMK will be the Chinese national day and mid-autumn festival
Release on2020-09-26Read More
National day holiday notice
Release on2018-09-30Read More
App Store into a meat grinder
Release on2015-05-04Open the App Store can be found either in the pay list, free list or list of the thirty best-selling front, almost hard to see the start-up team works...Read More
Abe's government urged the international community a sincere apology
Release on2015-04-30Two days earlier, Asian Americans and American civil society organizations to hold anti-war protest in front of the US Capitol, requires Abe to war cr...Read More
Lenovo to completely change their
Release on2015-04-28Yang said in his speech, is now an Internet + era, the user in the event of changes in the forms of all walks of life are changing. For such enterpris...Read More
Ordinary users of the Apple Watch
Release on2015-04-27More than 3000 applications as Apple unveiled watch the final show in front of consumers. Although it is the same iOS system, but the effect of experi...Read More
Ten scores CUP Alipay
Release on2015-04-25One day in 2004, he went into the Shanghai Pudong is located at 300 Pine Road, the headquarters of China UnionPay, China UnionPay to Meet senior, he l...Read More
Internet paradox
Release on2015-04-24I do not think this is superfluous text. For several years, I have been celebrating the positive power of the Internet, continuing criticism of its ch...Read More
FM intelligent hardware is on the rise
Release on2015-04-23Recent fiery fights FM infringement shelf event, several protagonist is lychee FM, Himalayan FM, listen to FM. Quarrel around the infringement, viciou...Read More
Xi Jinping in Pakistan parliament
Release on2015-04-22China spoke highly of the all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation with Pakistan, stressing Pakistan to constantly enrich the connotation of t...Read More
Comparison of Conventional online payment methods
Release on2015-04-21Advertising on the Internet Alliance (eg Google AdSense), Internet Marketing (eg Google AdWords) and other services when problems are inevitable to en...Read More
South Africa vandalism arrest more than 110 suspects
Release on2015-04-20Currently xenophobic riots in South Africa has been under control, the evening of 18 to 19 morning, riot-hit Durban and Johannesburg basic no further ...Read More
Marketing is invalid
Release on2015-04-17In 2005 and 2006, when, in the forum to write a soft article marketing is done once implanted in a very easy thing. Because, at that time, the forum a...Read More
Xi Jinping accepted nine new ambassadors
Release on2015-04-16CCTV network news (News Network): President Xi Jinping April 14 to accept the nine new ambassadors presented his credentials in the Great Hall. They a...Read More
IM cloud services
Release on2015-04-15Current mobile developer services, mainly to provide the hardware and bandwidth services and software services laaS SaaS model, and followed up the Pa...Read More
Who threat Taobao
Release on2015-04-14This year a few things associated with Taobao thinking led to the author. In early March, the day the cat was caused by President Wang Yulei attention...Read More