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Lenovo's depressed and worry

Ric 2015-03-24 18:10:00
Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing in the future on the theme "- where the next outlet? "The high-end dialogue shelling hijack security software for PC users, said:" Regardless of the name is a security, in the name of the housekeeper, the association will not easily put our customers pay out because I want my device has the most. good security, with the best butler service, with very convenient application download platform. "frankly, see Yang This statement shelling, just start to feel somewhat unexpected, but a little discretion is not hard to find, Zhefan shelling behind Yang's recent series of encounters with the association or business performance are not unrelated.

The first is the recently exposed Lenovo PC pre-installed software called "Superfish" (the one to be able to broker a way to hijack SSL link, can affect the Google search IE and Chrome and other browsers on the results in the case without the user's permission and can be embedded in their own advertising pages in the user's browser) which may lead to the user's PC information security risk events. In this case, although the association has made a lot of explanation, but many users still been accused, and even reported that Lenovo has therefore been more than the user's actions, its official website has also been dissatisfied with the move of the association hackers . The US government also came forward to say, users should remove some Lenovo notebook models Superfish preinstalled software. The software will bring information security risks.

According to another report, on a global scale are likely to affect about 10 million units Lenovo laptop. See big negative impact on the pre-installed "Superfish" software to Lenovo PC brand in terms of business caused by, but in order to quell the incident as soon as possible, the association plans to offer Intel's McAfee security software LiveSafe the six-month free subscription to the relevant client privilege and also announced plans to "substantially" reduce the number of pre-installed software on the new PC. In addition, the alleged removal tool released by Microsoft to help clean up the more than 60,000 sets of the association "infect" the Superfish software for PC. Ironically, the original association with Superfish from trading profit of about $ 500,000, but the adverse effects included in this event for the association to bring and subsequent public relations costs, the actual value of the deal will only between $ 20-25 million. You know, the current weakness in the global PC industry, but the association's main business (source of profit and revenue) is still the PC the moment, this event is definitely worth the wait for the association. More importantly, it reflects from one side of the PC makers profit difficult (by pre supplemented by third-party software to improve profitability) and Lenovo for the third pre-screening software and the lack of ability to control the