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German manned aircraft crash

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-25
24 am local time, German Wings Airline numbered 4U9525 Airbus A320 aircraft, in southeastern France, the Alps south of the elevation of about 2000 meters of snow crashed into a mountain, 144 passengers and six crew members were killed fear . This aircraft flight around 10:00 local time from the northeastern city of Barcelona, Spain, took off and went to the western German city of Duesseldorf, about a half hour scheduled flight.

A spokesman for the German airline wing of answering a reporter's question on the Xinhua News Agency reporter said conference held in Cologne on the 24th, the airline no Chinese passenger airliner crash in France. Chinese Embassy in Germany to German Wings Airlines parent understanding of the situation is no Chinese passengers on the machine.

A news conference that the crashed plane carrying 144 passengers, including two babies and 16 students, and six crew members, including two pilots.

Report to the French Civil Aviation Administration after French military helicopters flew over the crash site, located on the crash site between Digne-les-Bains and Barcelonnette, Monaco Provence-Alpes-northwest direction.

French President Francois Hollande said in a nationally televised speech, the current situation is not clear when the crash happened, but let us think of the current situation had "no survivors."

Deputy Minister of the French Ministry of Transport, said Alan Wei Dali later, local time 10:47 (GMT 17:47) about aircraft issued a distress signal, the display aircraft at a height of 5000 feet (1524 meters) of "no normal state. "Airliner crashed immediately.