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iPhone TM

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-01
Apple had begun as early as 2013 Reuse and Recycling Program in the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries and regions, and the recovery from the initial approach must go to Apple retail stores to fill some online phone status and send the phone to Apple can. But even if there is a halo and operators with environmental and other factors that could total is not large, Americans for mobile phone is slow, and the contract machine. Also have been tucao place is old phone discount is not high, such as in the iPhone 5S era enchant get iPhone 5, but also 150-200 dollars. A friend of mine over a year ago to buy Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phones, because the iPhone was not big enough, he chose the Samsung, and now Apple is very interested in the project for mobile phones, but there is a part in Apple for mobile phone to remind him to take Samsung mobile phones it can only go to the Apple store dollar estimate tens of it, he said, also want to change anyway, a few dollars can also reduce costs. He's such a mentality is Apple's goal, a small company leveraging consumer spending.

Pricing in China recycling old mobile phones is relatively low, iPhone 4 recovery price 250 yuan, iPhone 4S recovery price of 500 yuan, recovery price is 800 yuan iPhone 5, iPhone 5S recovery price of 1,500 yuan. This fact, and the United States is consistent with the pricing, not Apple's discrimination users in China, mainly because the United States did so powerful Chinese hand phone market, Apple does not know Chinese people can play your old phone for Apple so many tricks, and whether discount given how much the company is spending for Apple, as long as small pry the old iPhone users to consume, to pay the cost of Apple's natural as possible.