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Ali, who is the financial sector

Ric 2015-04-02 09:45:40
Ali is a key driving force inherent increased disintermediation, had to sell the store, you need layers of agents, the cost will eventually produce all of these things are reflected in the final price of the product, and the price is often more than half of this part, the percentage is even up to 90%. Thus, when a model can delete all the intermediate costs, then it is bound to have a price advantage. Millet these companies further reflected in the final price of the cost of advertising, in order to create a very low price in a situation arise.

Analogy of the financial sector, we will be surprised to find that the optimization of commercial banks in the middle layer. The only difference is that it does not produce the product, but the sales are closed, the equivalent of selling second-hand goods, but not because of the money and the devaluation of the old, so flea new products and non-discriminatory.

Commercial banks need to face the birth of disintermediation trend, it is difficult to make in this direction is the middle layer is greater than the value of its loss. Commercial banking functions is indeed different, but the effect can not be removed as long as it's main business and financial intermediaries to pay, you can not get rid of this confrontation. Insiders tube called disintermediation this trend, but whether it is capital or technology disintermediation, abstract terms basically disintermediation.