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Are there likely to revive iPad

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-31
According to Apple's latest earnings data, in the first quarter, iPad sales of 21.42 million, while achieving a 74 percent sequential growth, but the margin has declined 18 percent year on year. Accordingly, iPad first-quarter revenue of $ 9 billion, although to achieve a 69% qoq, but down 22 percent year on year.

This data implies that the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 sales of ipad is not only less than the fiscal year 2014 first fiscal emergency 26 million, but in the same period is also less than 1.48 million in 2013.

This is the history of the ipad is the first time.

Based on this, KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool predicts iPad sales in the first quarter 2015 only 10.1 million units, the chain fell 52.7%. IPad sales in the second quarter will be miserable, only sold about 7.8 million units, the chain fell 30-40%.

Have to say, always playfully iPad suffered the most severe crisis ever.

However, for the iPad, you want to stop the current decline in decline, it seems that the only way is out of the so-called Cook-style copy iPad to do a re-positioning, truly innovative things out. This is from Steve Jobs who touches you can give us some inspiration.

We know that when the launch of the iPad, Steve Jobs iPad itself given location is given "to those who want to get a better experience of the launch of a new product, this product is to some extent, absolutely can spike electronic books and the Internet. "

There is no chance to feel some more from this passage?

Jobs then beat with an iPad e-books and the Internet, but now, with people on the Internet demand continues to increase, so that began under different scenarios require different equipment to meet the needs of the same, "This is one for those who want get a better experience of the people "to provide opportunities for new products.

It was gratifying that do not know for determined or unintentional, Apple in recent years in the development of the iPad is making demands split.