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Microsoft is launching Nano

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-09
In Silicon Valley, such as Google and Twitter daily giant huge online business will pass through thousands of machines, in order to allow the software to run more efficiently in mixed hardware, talented engineers chose the open-source Linux operating system and has developed a new technology called containers. Anyway, they do not have Windows.

As Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows and Linux differences between left and right like a gap, and a sturdy, an open; a tough, a gentle, a stubborn, a work-around; a monopoly, a democracy. Linux penguin cluster effect caused almost Microsoft Pushed to the wall, and container technology has become the preferred application of cloud computing. Google, Twitter's behind, so that Linux has become the protagonist of the new era. As conservatives, Microsoft is trying to represent a new revolution to seize the last straw.
Evolutions, became a top priority. So, this fall, Microsoft is about to imitate Linux Containers technology added to the new version of Windows systems. According to intelligence that Microsoft engineers currently being intensively developed an ultra-streamlined version of Windows is not only technology but also enables the container to provide different levels of security. This new system is named Windows Server Nano. Oh, Nano, which is the iPod classic, also F1 driver Fernando Alonso's nickname. Moreover, they have a common characteristic - movement.