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Black & let PC rebirth

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-10
At the moment, I'm sitting in Starbucks relatively warm, the recovery disk contents IDF today, I think he is actually a middle-aged Japanese men.

Even informed me, wearing a jacket with a kettle, can still be driven back in the air when the media center, who was still bald Japanese reporters fired off letters on his Apple devices, but this is not iPad, but the Macbook.

He may be the most current IDF dedicated a reporter, I am humbled. PC, people are still living and working in one of the most dedicated tool, many times, phone and tablet still can not be replaced.

IDF next day, activity is still rich shades, cool compared to yesterday, today is much more pragmatic, how to solve this major problem PC is my greatest concern.

In fact, a friend went to the United States to participate in IDF will encounter a wheelchair grandfather, white-haired, open their own wheelchair, friendly and kind, they are also a correspondent ...... or one from the media.

Why such a feeling, because again today to hear one word: remodeling.

IDF held in Shenzhen last year I did not participate, so it is not very clear what aspects of Intel in the PC strategy, but today Shi Haode, which is Intel's vice president of storage, PC and mobile head, he spoke of "reinventing PC "I feel familiar.

This argument, I remember several years ago applied in adults say the word, and remodeling, the word a bit mean, actually not, recast.

Yesterday, Intel's global CEO Division again odd that this year is the 50th anniversary of Moore's Law, is an important year.

Actually, I think that Intel's pendulum model is constantly challenging Moore, who is constantly challenging the PC.

Some bad-mouthing the PC for years, and each year can be found in Intel's new breakthrough point.

2008 Intel introduced the MID and netbook, but in April 2010, Intel launched the first tablet PC, 2011, Intel introduced the ultra-thin, in 2012, Intel introduced the super pole, in 2013, Intel introduced the combo, 2014 Intel's tablet sales exceeded 46 million units in 2015, Intel introduced the real sense of the computer ......

In the front view, Intel is always trying to subvert their own.