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Mainlanders in Hong Kong

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-08
In recent years, the northern part of Hong Kong director Derek Yee is a unique presence, his stable output media type, standard "is not a surprise, but not disappointed." Chinese filmmaker Derek Yee became a model, they adhere to the production method of the genre, strong, stable, not impulse, is the backbone of a healthy market for granted.
Relations between the Mainland and Hong Kong, Hong Kong has been the presence of sub-type films. Hong Kong, mainland China's image in the movie, once the "hillbilly" favorite batch of mainland China to Hong Kong comedy cousin. In addition to ridicule RunTu style, Hong Kong films in the Mainland, there is a unique presence, which is violent criminals.
In recent years, Hong Kong movies, it is difficult to see the simple, Hong Kong condescension, self-destructive hostility instead. Child lost his temper, there is a skill, is due to the destruction of shame to roll on the ground. In the movie, Hong Kong filmmakers began to frequent blow up landmarks in Hong Kong, in the movie, angry young men took to the streets of Hong Kong, frequently recurring blood in imitation of the works of the European continent.
From time to time before the violence will be activated continent boy urine, thicker than water rinse, and then defected in March, as well as the mouth of the gun ...... which is like a game of political parties boycott Hong Kong who is first a crazy race. In the film, Johnny asked Hong Kong people from the big 陆小明: the two of us, who are sick and finally trying not to think too much?.