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Apple Watch the game

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-28
Also, make smart watches Dezhuan, not Motorola and Samsung, and only apples. Before Apple Watch, smart watches poor performance, right? According to market research firm Smartwatch Group's report, the current sales of smart watch is not high, in 2014 the total sales of less than seven million. The industry is expected to open April 20 to sell Apple Watch the first year sales will be about 20 million. Earlier, many manufacturers have released Android Wear equipment, but not many people use. Apple Watch makers hope to be successful, Android Wear equipment can also follow hot up, these are the best examples

With Apple Watch the pandemic, Apple will promote the Smart Watch this wearable computing development. Imagine, iphone popular, can not afford the iphone, but also had to buy a phone with a high degree of similarity millet or Samsung had a fantastic time. It will also bring innovative gameplay. Because once the smart watch popular, game designers have struggled to please only smart watch. Whenever a new digital platform popular, whether it is pc, mobile phone or tablet, the game never been dropped.