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Different same grumbling 4G

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-26
With more and more people began to use the 4G network, various complain tucao circle of friends are on the increase, especially in the 4G network is slower than 3G networks such cases, it is simply a professional joke. We can understand, optimize 4G network will take time, but this time as short as possible, during this period, along with grumbling after another, is bound to adversely affect the expansion of 4G users (not to mention the details of operations in 4G there are many issues to allow users unhappy), if not resolved, it is possible for the hope of a big plan on bathing 4G, 5G and then in turn demands it! ?
Since December 2013 TD-LTE license issued to the three operators began again until February 2015, China Telecom and China Unicom issued license LTE-FDD, and then during the two sessions, chairman of China Mobile LTE-FDD license from the Ministry of Industry. Three operators around 4G business license issues continue infighting days are the past, turned into building their 4G network optimization and 4G users to expand the scale, especially in the stock of the user of the competition stage, the quality of saliva on 4G network war will continue. However, information on the various ways to contact the run, the three operators of 4G networks tucao also emerging. In a personal view, it is worth attention operators required for 4G network constantly collect user experience, and timely reflection and improvement.