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How large data privacy protection

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-30
Big Data has been discussed for three consecutive Boao Forum for Asia this year, attended by guests no longer discuss the opportunities and potential of big data, have turned to the topic of privacy. March 28 morning in 2015 Boao Forum for Asia "big data limitations, mistakes and truth" television debate, gentlemen expand hot big data privacy issues. Baidu CEO Zhang believes the protection of data privacy is a big Internet company's responsibility. Gree Dong Mingzhu, chairman of the view that big data can have security problems, but can not because there are no street thief. There are also several foreign friends for big data and privacy, expressed their views.

Careful users may find, I do not know when to start the search over a product, followed by the computer came with ad pages and before long all search-related products. Search for a band, the same type of information will appear automatically linked. Individual demand, when a user needs in this regard and triggers, and data analysis and precise positioning behind intelligent indeed help users learn the more information they might be interested in, or even knowledge, really convenient. References Baidu CEO Ya-Qin Zhang's words: "In respect of personal privacy, under data privacy premise, the development of large data can benefit society is, for example, through a multi-dimensional data analysis, we can recommend to you for your movies, restaurants, and even the band. to changes in the real economy of production and business model. "

Gree Dong Mingzhu, chairman of the examples used in industrial applications illustrate the power of big data. She mentioned that air conditioning can now monitor all quality issues in Zhuhai, data monitoring them through until the consumer to call the warranty, you can find out where the air conditioner out of the question. She believes that large data security is very important, once the company's data leakage would be catastrophic. However, she also pointed out that the era of big data has arrived, must move forward, and go up to know how to use, better control. "This is like a thief can not because of the street, we will never stay at home do not go shopping." From a business perspective, there is a large market demand data.