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Comparison of Conventional online payment methods

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-21
Advertising on the Internet Alliance (eg Google AdSense), Internet Marketing (eg Google AdWords) and other services when problems are inevitable to encounter online payments, many novice questions in this regard are not very understanding, for common The collection and payment tools, there are some doubts and confusion, and some wrong choices often will bring some previously unanticipated problems themselves. Here I will discuss some of the relevant issues.

Ad networks and network marketing's main concern is the issue of receipts and payments. How can we ensure their safe payment, to ensure that their funds are not unlawful appropriation, which is the payment of the most notable security issues. In terms of payment, if there's fastest collect their own money from advertisers safest, but also consider selecting one point different ad networks.

Overseas online payment methods are the following: check, credit card receivables, PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union and Paypal. Here is some of the most common major receivables and payment tools for a comparison and evaluation, while the security and risk analysis of each tool.


Cheque (Check) is a negotiable instrument issued entrusted to handle the amount of the check deposit bank or other financial institutions in the sight unconditional payment to the payee or the holder of the notes. Checks can be used for payments and receivables.

Payment Features

As individual buyers who can make a payment by check, but in Internet trading is extremely rare, mainly because of the domestic business is not mature personal checks, Social Credit (Credit deletion) makes a personal check business step. At present, only a few provisions of the Bank of China in Guangdong and Shanghai, personal checks can handle business, for local people must be permanent residents, good credit (non-residents shall be resident with good credit guarantee). Even so, the phenomenon of issuing bad checks still abound, making businesses, banks their prohibitive, in the Internet environment, it is difficult to cross-check the regional and national use, so in China, personal checks as a means of payment is difficult As the popularity of it like the United States.