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Xi Jinping in Pakistan parliament

Ric 2015-04-22 09:43:22
China spoke highly of the all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation with Pakistan, stressing Pakistan to constantly enrich the connotation of the two countries share a common destiny, to create a community of destiny to play an exemplary role in Asia. Xi Jinping, China's peaceful development concept introduced expounded China good-neighborly and friendly policy towards South Asia, said that China is willing to South Asian countries to strengthen cooperation and achieve mutual development and common prosperity.

Xi Jinping arrived at Parliament House, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the Senate President Rabbani, etc. to meet National Assembly Speaker Sadik, and then went to the lecture hall, accompanied by Xi Jinping.

When Xi Jinping into the lecture hall, the audience rose as well, and pound the table in the traditional way to welcome the arrival of Chinese guests. President Rabbani delivered a warm speech on behalf of the Palestinian parliament and a warm welcome Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan to visit Pakistan parliamentary speech, praised the Pakistan-China friendship remained intact. In the warm applause, Xi Jinping delivered a speech.

Xi pointed out that the friendship between China and Pakistan is the utter devotion of faith turn of solidarity in adversity, called the model of friendly coexistence between countries. During this visit, I am with President Hussein, Prime Minister Sharif agreed to enhance China-Pakistan relations for all-weather strategic partnership, which is a stark portrayal of Pakistan locating all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation, indeed deserved.

Xi stressed that, as early as 2,000 years ago, the Silk Road in between our two ancient civilizations built a bridge of friendship. In modern times, Pakistan have suffered imperialism, colonialism, aggression and oppression, similar historical experiences and common history of struggle, so that the people of Pakistan empathy. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China and Pakistan established the all-weather friendship and conducted all-round cooperation on issues involving each other's core interests have always understood and supported each other. Adversity, China and Pakistan are good neighbors deeply felt increasingly precious, warm friends.

Xi stressed that China and Pakistan are shouldering the historic task of national rejuvenation, dedicated to the great dream of national strength and prosperity. We all need to work together closely than ever to play the advantages of the traditional friendship between the two countries, geographical advantages adjacent, complementary economic strengths, share opportunities, meet challenges and seek common development, and constantly enrich the connotation of China and Pakistan share a common destiny, the better for the benefit of both the people of the country, to promote stability and prosperity in the region, to create a community of destiny to play an exemplary role in Asia.

First, Pakistan want mutual help deepen strategic cooperation. To maintain high-level visits and regular meetings of tradition and strengthen cooperation on major strategic issues and support each other on issues concerning each other's core interests and major concerns.

Second, Pakistan must Hiroyoshi financial benefit and achieve common development. Pakistan to play a leading role in the construction of economic corridors of bilateral pragmatic cooperation in construction as the central corridor to Gwadar Port, energy, infrastructure construction, industrial cooperation, focusing on the formation of "1 + 4" cooperative arrangement, so that the fruits of development benefit all the people of Pakistan, and thus benefit the peoples of the region.

Third, Pakistan must be affiliated adhere friendship for generations. 2015 is the year of friendly exchanges and Pakistan, we want to carry out various forms, content-rich celebration. To encourage their young generation more contacts, more exchanges. China will provide 2000 training places for Pakistan over the next five years, and to help Pakistan train 1000 Chinese teachers.

Fourth, China and Pakistan want stood total of security challenges. China will strengthen cooperation with Pakistan to jointly deal with non-traditional security threats, provide reliable security for economic cooperation and common development of the two countries.

Fifth, China and Pakistan should bravely assumed responsibility for strengthening international cooperation. To maintain strategic communication on international and regional situation, strengthen coordination and cooperation on major global and regional issues, to push for Afghan reconciliation process, and jointly promote the construction of a new type of international relations at the core of win-win cooperation.

Xi stressed that the Chinese nation cherishes peace, China will adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, unswervingly develop friendly cooperation with all countries in the world, according to adhere to the concept of pro-Yung Cheng Hui, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with neighboring countries, and strive to make their own development better benefit the neighboring countries. China will unswervingly pursue a win-win strategy of opening up, develop an open economy, efforts to bring new opportunities and space for the development of Asia and the world. We hope to strengthen cooperation with "along the way" along the country together to create an open platform for cooperation, provide a new impetus for the sustainable development of the region.

Xi Jinping stressed build CMB community of destiny, is a strategic choice and Pakistani governments and peoples from the fundamental interests of the two countries made. Let us join hands together to create a better future for both countries.

When Xi Jinping speech, lawmakers applauded 50 times table and slap on Xi Jinping's speech expressed recognition and support. After the speech, the Prime Minister Sharif and Pakistan parliamentary leaders speak again thanked Xi Jinping, praised Pakistan-China friendship.

Before the speech, Xi Jinping attended the China PAPP parliament building solar photovoltaic project opening ceremony.

Mrs. Peng Liyuan President Xi Jinping and Wang Huning, Li gauntlet, Yang Jiechi were present at the above activities.