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Apple Watch Day

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-11
Today, I spent more time than usual to a detailed view of all the comments on the website of Apple watches and abroad. While previous function watches have almost been exposed, but because of Apple's restrictions of public relations, media or technology can only look at Apple began yesterday to comment on the article. What we can do is try to put these new articles, take a look at the real, these digital editing feel after wearing trial. After all, I have already said, only when you actually use the product is smart, you'll understand what it gives you the feeling, and the use of this product, this is definitely not an easy experience to spend 15 minutes in the store to find some Editing a week's time, all the time using Apple's watch, but still feel relatively short period of time, and not enough to carry the conclusions.
Overall, this actually has a lot of Apple technology media see tucao place, but the heart has fear, afraid to do too much to see the negative comments of Apple, it may be because they have learned in 2007 of the first generation of Apple iPhone lesson. Although it now appears the first generation iPhone is a revolutionary product, but its flaws can be said now is almost exactly the same as Apple's watch, standby time short, only functional machine the same functionality, the application has not been introduced in the store. Although Apple has launched a full-screen finger, this revolutionary multi-touch interaction, but the first-generation iPhone Scalability is very bad, to buy is to be used as guinea pigs obvious. After that, the app store, people began to realize the unity of iPhone.