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Mini-computing era

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-13
Intel introduced the world's smallest computer to calculate the discount now. Equipment into Linux and Windows versions of the Tablet PC hardware level, you can access the TV HDMI interface, with quad-core Baytrail Atom processor, 2 gb RAM, 32 gb of memory, and comes with a USB 3.0 port and a mini-USB port. Meanwhile, Asus and Google launched Chromebit computer, you can become a Chrome OS computer on a TV screen, costing less than $ 100. Rod is not occasional computing: Apple look violent, intelligent hardware sprung up, a "mini computing era" is coming.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of intelligent machines capacity, personal computers have been comparable to; Now, U disk size calculation of rod can be horizontal tablet. Devices become smaller and smaller, but more powerful computing capacity, this is a major trend.

The rapid development of Internet, Internet of things (iot). Wearable devices, smart home, smart cars is higher and higher demand for computing power, the premise is not influence their own form, function. This need is more mysterious calculation method, through calculating insist on instant change to TV, smart TV or computer is an appropriate way. Smaller components will watches, automobiles, home appliances, table... Powerful computation ability in the future.

More and more small devices, computing capacity growth trend, what I call the "mini computing."