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The last two years of the Obama presidency Hebei concern long-term plan

  • Autor:Ric
  • Suelte el:2014-12-31
US media reported that US President Barack Obama said in his final two years into the presidency of the economy should be stronger than at any time since he became president in 2009 on the occasion, he was able to focus on long-term projects, "domestic and foreign policy aspects of what he calls . "Obama said in an interview with American Public Radio also said that he did not rule out to improve relations with Iran, and Tunisia, for example, it is possible to explain democracy to move forward.

Obama has told US public broadcaster NPR radio comment. He said he recently adopted administrative measures on immigration and Cuba are the result of years of effort. He said he predicted before 2014 was a breakthrough year, and, six years in power, the economy is improving on the occasion, he finally had the opportunity to deal with some difficult issues