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Apple Watch

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-10
A new conference in Beijing this morning, most of the time this spring to leave Apple at Apple again observe food wearable smart devices want to use thousands of products at a press conference held after V2.0, shy to last four May 26 release date, surprisingly, the first in mainland China in the list.
While Apple see most elements were found a few months before, but this does not affect the fruit powder for Canadian Conference continues to appreciate, especially at a news conference, dedicated to the production of a variety of materials selection Apples produce a special look at the process video to explain, although this video is netizen called "heap ingot Art Tour" (LEI consider inverted output values? this is due to PR red millet). Of course, from a historical point of view, even iPhone5C it (called) a cost-effective products and the plastic cover of the process and feeling good, not to mention the original appearance of respect and craft watches represent.

This is the first time we see only "looks totally, can be called" smart watch (of course, Moto360 also good, but not so much look at Apple's style was a little disappointed), but it is very unfortunate that the terms of these fines see Apple's watch, it still does not jump out of the limitations of existing smart meter function definition.
Overall, Apple see the scene, in addition to traditional electronic form have been able to see this tool functions, but also represent the following categories: conversation, social, health, and authorization.
Apple's move to the end to see the watch via Bluetooth phone, but in real life, and this demand is rarely the case of - certainly not in Hollywood, the movie is 007 years of war and other spy has a lot of similar plot, thus requiring look, practical value than the value of marketing.