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Apple conference

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-03-11
Mr. Cook put this secret. Apple's choice of China Open meetings are open retail hot scene, not only the other side of the Pacific immediately ignite, but with ulterior motives, to show their strength and power. The fastest growing people, most of (the middle class population growth) are so attractive market potential, growth prospects are still open, spinning the big heat wave of West Bay area. Capital markets can be assured that we Apple invincible, we can not just rely on innovation to invent new iPad tablet PC market and other markets open, as the oldest living alone dominant crown, we can also be found in the old market, discover, explore new user ensure profits.
Apple microchannel meter section appears, but the uncertainty is placed. After all, only when a feature introduced micro-channel display, but also highlighted the moderator said that this is one of my Chinese friends. According to pretend to guess, if the micro-channel advertising for international users should be in the Apple press conference, it may not be specifically mentioned this is one of my Chinese friends (with special emphasis on international strategy should not be produced in China). So personally speculate that this is apples and microchannel mutual advantage, Apple once again mention China. Ah, we are Chinese people, business and so on.

Apple in China may be more exciting table synchronization market. Attention may be relatively mobile phone access and fewer regulatory hurdles, but personally I prefer to think that the importance of the Chinese market, Apple's promotion of such synchronization. One day in the Chinese market than the US market share of Apple's revenue, you can go to China, the meeting opened. We will also see the press conference more Chinese elements, like today's video store opened in Hangzhou, the fans, a terrace, bike, bridge, you can simply add two pandas Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games in tow (back yard, She appeared in another part of China's grandfather playing photos!) ......
I want to live to see the time, nearly one fifth of the Earth's 1.4 billion population, China is not serious before? If bullied, to determine the importance of your purchasing power of multinational companies. The spending power of Chinese American goods in the production scale growth, assuming that a quarter of the spending power of Chinese and Americans, a population, which is an American, why the United States can nurture our era's most successful business? I think a sufficient amount of purchasing power to match the market, is a necessary condition, it is Facebook, Google and Amazon, companies such as Apple may only need to appear in the most intense in the United States is the global economic dominance. Recalling the rapid growth of today's China, millet also confirmed this logic, they rely on the emergence and success with another US economic growth.