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Who threat Taobao

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-14
This year a few things associated with Taobao thinking led to the author. In early March, the day the cat was caused by President Wang Yulei attention, but after that, the king dismissed the Bobcats Yulei Chairman Zhang Jianfeng unified management of lynx, Taobao, cost-effective. In addition, Alibaba Group's Taobao, lynx, cost-effective integrated into a unified "Alibaba China retail platform .3.18" is not long ago abandoned after the end of the festival life Taobao, Taobao manufacturing capacity and the Bobcats festival compared to the former dwarfs. In my opinion, reflects these details, Taobao is facing an increasingly difficult situation. 

According to Ali Baba 2014 results, total retail trading platform Alibaba China is 787 billion yuan, an increase of 49 percent over the previous year. Among them, the total amount of the transaction Taobao Mall 494 billion yuan, an increase of 43%; lynx's total trade 293 billion yuan, an increase of 60% over the previous year. You can see, Taobao Ali also contributed a lot of sales, starting in 2012, but we know that the decline in growth of Taobao, lynx growth has exceeded Taobao.
Ali grew fat cat day, lost Taobao. We know that business foundation for the development of ecological Taobao, Taobao seller supports C bedding shop, Taobao in 800 years of the establishment of small Taobao sellers. However, due to the independent lynx, transportation, resources, policies favoring lynx brand big seller. Is a typical two hundred ten year, lynx game set a higher threshold, all the advertising, shop Store Home Themes point twice supermarket 11 large enterprises, and is connected to the introduction of traffic, but with the contrast Taobao is the case of two-12 cold dilute pommel horse.
We know that the quality of the lynx has a valid route, whether it is Apple, Prada and other well-known high-end brands are basically solved the lynx, it is learned, only British brand into, reaching more than 130 people. Bobcats change aspects of the settlement in early March lynx independent investment rule changes targeted investment, which is directly to the lynx solve threshold, but also strengthened the quality control of the platform. We can say that the lynx is a major domestic and international high-end brands to form adhesion platform, Lynx chase the quality of the road, but also reshape Ali's international image. But look at Taobao, insiders know that in January this year, SAIC released the second half of 2014 net trading commodities target monitoring, Taobao is displayed as "37.25%" real rate ranked last cause Taobao platform and SAIC war on all electricity suppliers, even Ali led to a continuous decline in the stock. Listing Taobao Ali seems to be a stumbling block on the way of international Ali, Taobao fake widely criticized, cats every day life of debauchery, bears and lynx also Alibaba remodeling responsibility.