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Why use thermoplastic instead of metal

luminous 2021-06-25 17:10:37

The global market is changing constantly. Companies striving to stay at the forefront of the industry need to be flexible and able to react quickly to changes. They always need to improve efficiency and quality without seeing the corresponding increase in costs. The conflict between quality and cost is the main reason why plastic has become an increasingly compelling material for the injection molding process.

A distinct advantage, the one most people recognize, of plastic injection molding is the reduced cost of raw materials. Plastics are cheaper than metals, while still exhibiting many of the same characteristics. Plastic polymers can also have a wide range of properties that were historically metal characteristics like thermal conduction and chemical resistance

The cost-savings of plastics do not only include the production process. Plastic materials are generally lighter than metal materials. Weight reduction may help the final product, but the weight reduction also affects the entire manufacturing process. The reduced weight makes transportation and packaging cheaper than metal parts. It can make the customer's installation and use easier.

GM has a test. A total of 38 metals are required in the manufacturing process of automobile equipment, and the cost is as high as 75 US dollars. If plastic manufacturing is used, the United States also needs to integrate all cells into one component, which costs 30 US dollars and requires 55%. It has fast assembly time, up to 99% qualified productivity.

Not only are the raw materials cheaper, but the number of components per piece can also be less. Some metal parts are the result of assembling several parts into one final part. Plastic molding can sometimes build the same part as a whole without a separately produced part. This may mean making fewer components with cheaper materials than metal.

Developments in recent years, coupled with upcoming developments in plastics injection, make plastic a real contender for a vast range of molding possibilities.  Reduced weight, reduced cost, single component molds, and the increasing capabilities of polymers mean plastic injection molding can improve many existing processes.  Considering plastic injection molding over metal injection molding for future and current products can mean significant cost savings.

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