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Drops quickly announce merger

Ric 2015-02-14 20:14:13
The annual Western Valentine's Day approaching, the car hit the software market, the largest change in the situation occur. Didi taxi taxi and fast today jointly issued a statement declaring that two to achieve a strategic merger. Both sides determined at the appropriate time after the Spring Festival, held a news conference.

The new company will implement the system Co-CEO, CEO Chengwei taxi drops and quick taxi CEO Lvzhuan Wei also served as joint CEO. The two companies in the personnel structure remain unchanged and continue to parallel the development of business, and will retain their brand and business independence.
Didi taxi CEO Chengwei prospect of the new company vision. He said that the rapid development of China's mobile travel not only to maximize energy savings, saving ground transportation resources and resolve the plight of urban traffic congestion for all. More importantly, through mobile travel platform, people began to establish a relationship of trust between people, and in the broadest sense, to achieve the establishment of a social credit system.

Quick taxi CEO Lvzhuan Wei said the two sides after the merger, the two companies will focus on the advantages of technology, products talent, has introduced a more perfect travel services and products, to further accelerate the pace of market development, bring produce more effect, enhance the overall competitiveness force more actively and effectively promote the development of mobile travel industry.

According to reports, a taxi drops and quick taxi after a long price war, the two sides to communicate with the company's management after repeated exchanges, and ultimately reach a consensus, the strategic decision to merge the two companies.

The two sides did not disclose the stake and the new valuation of the company. According to the Wall Street Journal previously reported, drops after the car hit a taxi and fast merger valuation or will reach $ 6 billion.