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Internet companies cross-border car

Ric 2015-03-14 10:39:00
A few days ago, Apple patched who appeared in major news media, the domestic Internet companies have not been idle. A few days ago, Baidu deep learning laboratory of the Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport to complete a framework cooperation agreement with Alibaba SAIC also announced that 10 billion years of the joint venture company "Internet car fund." Until a few very lively music, such as cars China has too many Internet companies along with the car.
Although the prevalence of cross-border, but why are so many other Internet companies in the IT industry do not cross, the automotive industry and the cross? What is their purpose?

Cross-border Internet companies, it seems that all vehicle-related, but it is an entirely different direction. Stratification.
This thing is very easy to see the confusion, we just remember that it is important to be able to see, this is how to make money.
First of all, the car is a commodity, you can make money by selling cars. Internet companies, IT companies make cars selling cars, you can get money, this is the first level of cross-border Internet IT companies repairer. 

The reason for the cross-border repairer, because the ceiling or bottlenecks encountered in the main business, the need for a new business to sustain growth, shareholders are looking for earnings figures. Apple made electric cars, music, as ready-made electric cars, things are at this level.