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IM cloud services

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-15
Current mobile developer services, mainly to provide the hardware and bandwidth services and software services laaS SaaS model, and followed up the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) services, services including hardware, language, development libraries, the equivalent of semi-finished products, to help software developers to directly embed software modules, thus faster development of software services. Mobile developers using PaaS services can quickly load functionality to their products, thus reducing development costs and development time. Also can be used to provide operation and maintenance services PaaS platform, and reduce costs again.

There are already a number of vendors offer PaaS services, such as for statistics, push, LBS, voice, IM, etc., and modules. PaaS vendors typically focus on a particular area of ??technology development, research and development across the pit with the strength, technology is more advanced. Can help developers to control costs, saving development time while ensuring technology professional. When there are more coming PaaS vendors to provide a variety of services modules, when For Redevelopment App, perhaps as simple and stacking wood. Able to change the application of production, rapid low-cost access to advanced technology, this is the core value of PaaS.
PaaS service providing each module, where the largest IM cloud services and contract research of micro-channel correlation, so I do IM cloud services related understanding. App and IM functionality to improve user activity has great value, one enhanced customer relationship, allowing users to interact with each other within the App, allows users to settle in the App. The second is to facilitate communication between business users, the user can communicate directly with the enterprise, enhance the user is connected to the enterprise, enhance customer service capabilities.

IM cloud service instant messaging technology vendors will encapsulate App SDK for developers to download and use, and to provide a platform for environmental, technical support and post operation and maintenance and other services developers, the App enables developers to quickly acquire the ability to instant messaging, to achieve single chat, group chat, and other functions, to meet the social, customer demand and other scenes, so that every ordinary App quick access to IM functionality.

IM cloud services compared with other functions, not only need to support high bandwidth, but also the technical strength of more stringent requirements. Because the number of simultaneous user connections is a key indicator of the strength of the reaction IM service provider cloud, such as financial cloud CTO Yang Pan said: "In addition to a stable and reliable mechanism to convey the message, while the absolute ability to support concurrent online and elastic scalability of cloud services cloud Basic indicators of service. "In areas served millions IM user's level of only a handful of companies, except in the case of flying beyond Tencent believed to have owned more than 500 million users. According to iResearch released "2015 White Paper on IM cloud services industry" shows the total average daily user support customers ranked the highest amount of market financial IM service provider cloud, its parent company Ultrapower listed companies, the backbone of the team members from the team fetion with 8 years experience in operation and maintenance of IM development, regarded as "natural" professional players IM cloud services.